Our protecting products for challenging operating conditions

Our products are suitable wherever durable, abrasion and impact resistant and noise damping products and solutions in the most demanding operating conditions are needed.

Product selection of the Ravelast Polymers covers rubber and polyurethane products in the hardness range of 20-100 ShA and 50-85 ShD. Polymer coatings protect the surface of your products or equipment from corrosion caused by chemicals, mechanical wearing or dampness, thus prolonging the life cycle of your products. Repairing of coating is also a very easy and cost-efficient solution, when compared with acquiring a totally new part instead.

Additionally, coatings can be used to minimise the noise caused by the production process. For instance polymer coatings on rollers and rolls will help to achieve very silent production lines. Coatings will also improve the efficiency of the production process through adjusting the friction levels.

Our products are always designed and implemented in close cooperation with customers.

We use high-tech materials and the latest developments in the product and mold design and manufacturing. We have a vast R&D cooperation network in use, which enables interdisciplinary development of totally new applications and solutions, such as usage of nanotechnology in raw materials. Material additionally allows for customization of top design, also in different colors.

Polymers can be used in coating different kind of steels, such as black, stainless, acid resitant and other special qualities. In addition, rubber and polyureathane can be used in coating other surfaces such as wood, concrete, glass fiber and composite.

We use both hot and cold casting and spraying in the production of polyurethane. Similarly, rubber products are manufactured with hot curing of molds, or in autoclaves and also with cold glueing.

Please explore more our product selection, production methods and compare the qualities of different coating materials.