Coatings for rollers and roller elements

Elastomer coatings of reels and rolls give excellent abrasion and impact resistance. In addition both polyurethane and rubber coating repair or replacement is easy and cost efficient. Very often it is also important to dampen the noise caused by the production process. 

We have ready in stock hot casting moulds of most common roller dimensions, as well as the most usual coating qualities. We provide also special qualities, such as acid and heat resistant coatings. Because of our special competence, we are very popular supplier especially in Viton -, Silicone- ja Hypalon rubber coatings.

 Coatings provide several  benefits


 Coating application areas

Coating enhances many of the roller qualities
  • wear resistance
  • load resistance
  • impact resistance
  • noise damping
  • low start friction
  • good duration
  • drive and support rolls
  • friction and brake rolls
  • drive and turning drums of belt conveyors
  • screen rollers and rolls
  • idlers