Rubber and polyurethane coatings for rolls

Polymer coatings ensure minimised downtime and lower maintenance cost through prolonged usage period and easy and cost efficient repairment of the coating. Coatings also provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance qualities, as well as enable more silent and improved production process.

We have hot casting moulds ready in use for the most common roll and reel dimensions and also the most common rubber and polyurethane qualities in stock, but we also provide specialty products, such as acid and heat resistant coatings. Viton-, Silikon- and Hypalon-coatings are one of our special competence areas within the rubber segment.

Roller coating enhances

  • wear resistance
  • shock resistance
  • resistance to cut and tear
  • noise damping
  • load resistance
  • resistance to chemicals
  • resistance to temperature fluctuation

 Application areas for roll coatings are

          Steel Industry

  • friction and drive rolls of rolling line
  • support and counter rolls
  • rolls of grid blasting -line
  • pipe and conveyor rolls

           Forest Industry

  • tambour reels for paper machines
  • paper machine reel spools
  • coater rolls
  • guide and drive rolls
  • winder reels
  • plywood counter and gluieng rolls
  • printing rolls with for example Viton and Silicon rubber