Rubber and polyurethane coatings for wheels and rollers

We cover wheels and rollers for various demands according to your needs either with rubber or polyurethane. You can deliver an old or a new wheel body for coating, or we can supply the body by using our network of partners.  We have the most usual moulds and coating qualities ready in stock, but if needed, we can also manufacture a new mould and provide special coatings. Additionally we offer coatings and filling of air-rubber wheels.

Polymer coating enhances following features in wheels

  • wear resistance
  • load resistance 1-30 tn / wheel
  • impact resistance
  • noise damping
  • low start friction
  • weather fluctuations
  • duration







Application examples of coated wheels

            Support wheels

  • loading: 1-30 tn/wheel
  • hardness according to load and usage

           Truck wheels and rollers

  • customised for all trucks
  • AGV wheels

            Driving track wheels

  • snow groomers and ski track machines
  • exploratory drilling machines
  • peat handling machines
  • crew transport machines

           Other wheels

  • planer pulleys
  • saw mill equipment wheels
  • log-handling wheels
  • lift and elevator wheels
  • conveyor support and steering wheels
  • amusement park equipment wheels